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TaZaly stands for the photographer's name: CiTa NursyadZaly - or mostly know as Arie. He got acquainted with photography in college and has been fascinated of it ever since. He pursued his bachelor degree in Mass Communication in Jakarta. His passion in media and communication sent him off to Leeds, UK, to deepen his knowledge by enrolling in Master Degree in Media Industries. His career as photographer began in 2007, when he finally accepted offer from his friends and families to photograph their precious moments. ? His favorite subjects revolve around people and places. His enthusiasm in traveling helped him a lot to capture beautiful buildings and architectures around many places. His dream: to travel around the world and to express its beauty in form of photographs. Light is his best friend - and his biggest inspiration -as that is his paint to create bold visual arts. He doesn't usually do much post production works, as he believes that a masterpiece has to be started right from the camera. In any project, he is always be accompanied by Ake - Tazaly's Creative Director. Her imagination, creativity and determination are embodied in every Tazaly's pictures.? "a picture is worth thousands of words; and a word is worth thousands of pictures"

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